Entry #1

Filling up the emptiness of this page :P

2009-05-06 10:44:30 by XDimensions

Hello ppl!

I just wanted to post something since our account look so... empty.. O__o

Anyways, I just wanna post a little about ourselves. yeah

Who we are:

Yya (AKA mickeythebluemagic) - graphics
Cam (AKA vitalbullet) - programmer

What we (try to) do: n00bs evading boredom by making flash games to create XDs(lol)

Age: We are Young! :D

yeah... thats about it. XD

I hope you guys try out our games. I know they're not so awesome but we'll keep trying (and posting)! :P



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2009-05-06 10:48:58

I like your games and am glad you made this post because I missed them when you submitted them.

XDimensions responds:

thanks for the comment! XD Im glad u liked our games -Yya